The bedrock of any successful business is an accurate and timely set of books. We take this off your plate, so you can focus on running your business.


We partner with national payroll service firms to deliver a custom solution to suit the needs of your company or household.

Financial Reports

The numbers you need from the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flows delivered timely so you can make informed decisions for your company.

It All Starts with Good Bookkeeping

And it all ends with bad bookkeeping. It’s sad, but true. We have seen good companies fail due to poor bookkeeping. If your books are not accurate and timely, you cannot determine your profitability. Problem areas in your expense items or receivables must be identified early and addressed to prevent negative impacts on your cash flows. Loan amortization, fixed assets and depreciation all must be tracked meticulously so you have a complete financial picture of your company at any given point in time.

Aside from the benefits of good books from an operational standpoint, they are essential in the tax preparation process. Good books supported by copies of receipts, bills and invoices provide the best form of audit protection money can buy. 

We are expert bookkeepers that provide professional accounting services in Houston. We can set-up your books using QuickBooks Online, giving you 24/7 access to your company’s finances. We’ll code the transactions and reconcile your bank, credit card and loan accounts each month. Your payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable are all integrated. We provide a turn-key bookkeeping solution for your company, which allows you to spend more time running your company. 

Payroll for the Enlightened Employer

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur, in growth mode or a mature company, you will likely experience some headaches with payroll. Our Houston firm provides accounting services that can help. We partner with large national payroll services firms to develop a turn-key solution for your unique payroll needs. The task of paying your employees should not be onerous or time-consuming. Technology has allowed for substantial automation of payroll-related tasks, saving you time and money.

We’ll also make sure, as your bookkeeper, that your payroll information is seamlessly integrated into your QuickBooks Online. 

Our turn-key solution will also free you from other time-consuming tasks such as quarterly federal and state payroll tax returns, tax deposits and annual W2 (for employees) and 1099MISC (for contractors) forms. 

If you employ domestic support staff for your home, we can also help you select the most suitable payroll service firm for you.

Financial Reports You Won’t Use for Lining the Bird Cage

As any pigeon will tell you -- garbage in, garbage out. Your company’s financial reports are only as good as the bookkeeping at the source. Our financial reports are built on solid bookkeeping, and will provide a complete and accurate picture of your company’s financial position.

Our accounting services in Houston are designed to be as convenient as possible. You’ll receive monthly financial reports -- Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement -- as well as managerial reports that we’ve identified as particularly informative for your business. Track certain key performance indicators and other financial ratios to inform your decisions about time and resource allocations. 

We can also meet with you each month or each quarter to review in-depth the information on your financial reports to give you a better understanding of the numbers. This is usually where we help identify problem areas, or areas that are working well and are suitable for additional exploitation. 


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