Tax Planning

We have strategies to help minimize your taxes and avoid surprises at tax time. 

IRS Representation

Everything from back taxes, audits and tax bills you can’t pay -- we have you covered.

Business Consulting

We can guide you through new business formations, acquisitions and succession.

Pay the Lowest Amount of Tax Allowable by Law

As a business owner or real estate investor, your taxes are complicated. Our tax planning services prioritize strategies for minimizing your tax liability, as well as making sure you’ve paid sufficient estimated taxes during the year to avoid a big tax bill in April. Not to mention penalties and interest for late payments.

As thorough financial advisors in Houston, we examine all sources of your income each quarter -- your wages, rental income and expenses, business income and expenses, income from investments and brokerage accounts, interests in partnerships or trusts, crypto currency trades,  and anywhere else in the world where you earn income. We compile all this information and develop a custom strategy for you, and help you with implementation.

We’ll make sure you’re taking advantage of all legal tax benefits available to you, such as business tax credits and other advantages based on the form of business entity.

Fighting IRS for Your Interests. And Winning.

If you’ve been dealing with an onslaught of IRS notices, threatening liens and levies, or haven’t filed your taxes in several years, we can help. We’ve represented countless clients in similar circumstances, and with large tax bills they could not pay. IRS has programs in place to assist taxpayers who are in financial distress, or who just need more time to pay the tax in monthly installments. 

We’ll work directly with the IRS on your behalf, and negotiate for you using our knowledge of IRS processes and terminology. Collecting necessary financial information from you is an easy process with our web-based survey. We’ll prepare and file all the required forms to achieve the resolution that is best for you. With Dulin Hassett, you’ll get the guidance you need from one of the top financial advisors in Houston.

If you ever find yourself in the unenviable position of being the target of an IRS audit, we will defend you. We can also respond to IRS notices you may receive for various reasons. Nobody likes to get mail from IRS unless it is a refund check. Our IRS representation services will give you peace of mind in these situations. 

Guidance for All Phases in the Life of Your Business

Forming a new business is exciting. It’s easy to overlook some of the details when launching your enterprise. Choosing the right form of entity will have lasting tax implications down the road. Registering and filing with certain federal and state agencies is also very important. We can assist you in the formation of your new company, handling all the registrations and filings on your behalf. We’ll also make sure you select the most advantageous form of entity for tax purposes, with a view to future goals for the company.

We can also consult on acquisitions. As the acquirer, the value of the target company is important. As your advisor, we will also examine the terms of the deal and recommend terms to shift the tax advantages your way. The allocation of purchase price to the assets in an asset purchase requires due care and consideration to protect your interests. We work closely with your attorney in these transactions so that all parties are on the same page, with no surprises. 

Succession, either through a sale of your business or handing it over to a family member or long-time officer/employee, also calls for a close partnership with a CPA. The tax implications of these transactions can be complex. Our Houston financial advisors can guide you accordingly, and help mitigate the impact on your taxes.


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