Tax Preparation

We’ll seamlessly guide you through the tax preparation process and accurately complete your return.

Partnerships, Corporations & LLCs

Receive the most profitable benefits possible with our knowledge of tax law.

Estates, Trusts & Retirement

We work closely with your attorney and financial planners to provide optimal tax support and guidance.

Paying Taxes is Bad Enough. Filing Taxes Should Be Easy.

We know your life and your income is complicated. So naturally, your tax return is complicated. You need experienced CPAs to make sure you are not leaving money on the table with the IRS. And you don’t want a part time job shuffling papers to and from your CPAs.

If that describes you, you’re our kind of client. We provide tax services from Houston to clients who have multiple sources of income -- small to medium-size business owners, rental property owners, investors -- and provide tax preparation services that minimize your tax burden. Since 1976, we have prepared and successfully filed over 16,000 tax returns. 

We’ve worked hard to fine-tune the client experience for tax preparation. We call our experience the Smart1040.  With an average turn-around time of 10 days and 100% web-based, our Smart1040 is the perfect mix of old-school CPA knowledge with cutting edge collaboration and communication tools. 

Leverage Our Expertise with Businesses in the Medical and Real Estate Fields

Whether you are a new entrepreneur launching your first venture, or a seasoned veteran of real estate investing or medical practice, you’re well-advised to seek a CPA with deep experience in these fields to serve you. 

Most of our clients are in medicine and real estate. We’re uniquely qualified to assist clients in these fields with state and federal tax planning and compliance for their business and personal returns. Tax laws change frequently, so it’s important to have a CPA who is proactively monitoring these changes through the lens of a medical or real estate professional.  

Expert Guidance for Protecting, Administering or Inheriting Assets

The world of estates and trusts can be intimidating. If you’ve accumulated wealth or inherited assets, or find yourself the executor of an estate, you will no doubt have many questions. It is wise to consult with an attorney, a financial planner and a CPA before making decisions that may have serious financial implications.

We work closely with your attorney and financial planner to cover your tax needs related to estates and trusts. We carefully review all legal documents to ensure proper treatment for tax purposes. Furthermore, we’ll review transactions that seek to move assets between entities and individuals with a goal to minimize or eliminate the tax burden. We know our way around gift taxes and estate taxes, and can serve as your advisor in these areas as well.


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